Yesterday we went on a trip to the mountains, to Asiago.

We went up very high and the first view from the top was lovely. I saw all the houses, small like babydollhouses, the mountains were green as the first leaves in the spring and the air was fresh, just like in Sweden. 

We continued and went down again on the other side. It was like arriving to an other country, it was just so different from the parts of Italy that I had seen. The houses had wooden details, the streets seemed old and the shops in the center had alot of handmade towels, paintings and woodenthings. It was nice to have a walk there, it reminded me of Finland, were my parents are born.

Yesterday was a day filled with emoitions.

  • We found the doll in the toyshop that Alice had lost a few months ago. She was so happy.
  • Matteo overcame his fear of the Tarzanstation, that he had been scared of for 2 years, at the climbingpark "Mille Pini". He was so proud.
  • And I, I got reminded of my passed. And I liked it!


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