As I've mentioned before, some work is getting done in my boyfriends house by my boyfriend and his dad. They're making  two new bathrooms and they're putting in a kitchen for us, for me and my boyfriend. Now they're distroying everything, walls, floors and pipes so everything will be new... And my boyfriend and I will choose how it will look.

The kitchen is already bought. It's lightly yellow, a very light, creamy kind of colour with brown details. I like it alot! The bathroom on the other hand is far away from finished. I think that we will have a look in some shops this or next week just to see what we have to choose from and to get some new ideas.

Because we already have some ideas about the bathroom. And so has my boyfriends mum. My boyfriend and I were talking about a classic stile and thought about a bathroom in beige/brown/white, but his mum said it was horrible, that it looks like babypoo on the walls. She considered red or orange and said that a coloured bathroom could be nice since we're young. My boyfriend insisted, he hates red in the house and said NO with big letters. His mum proposed purple or grey, a light purple or grey with white details. It was nice in grey but I'm not sure if I want a grey bathroom. It sounds so... grey. And dark. And I don't like that. 

We also had another idea about a light base with blue details. I think I hold on to that suggestion.

If you would've changed your bathroom, what colour had you chosen?


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