Yesterday we had a small surpriseparty for Andrea, a friend of ours, he had his 22nd birthday.

We were hiding in the tent that stood outside the restaurant when we knew that he was coming. We started the sparklers and started to sing and he just turned around and saw us. He was not prepared for it, which was good, otherwise it wouldn't have been a surpriseparty.

We had music, discolights, balloons, sparklers, confetti, snacks... and ended up with millefoglie (cake) & prosecco (sparkling wine). It was fun but at the same time I started to realize that it was my last night with Sandra, I felt a bit empty inside.

Tonight, my boyfriend and I will take Sandra to the airport and I know that the feelings will get worse. Uff, I don't want her to leave! It was destiny that brought us together. We found our soulmates in each other. I can't realize that I've found someone like her, who's so much like me. And now she's leaving.

But you know it Sandra, you will always have a special place in my heart!


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