Tiles and floors

I have totally forgot to tell you about the other day.

I went to an interiorshop with my boyfriend and his dad to look at some tiles for the bathroom. We entered and had a look around, we talked about our plans and wills and the man in the shop showed us what he had to offer. We had a plan about making the bathroom in white and lightblue and found two different kinds of bathrooms that we liked. We had to choose one and so we did. The tiles are already at my boyfriends house so now I leave it up for the men to finish.

Also the tiles for the kichen are chosen but only half of them have arrived. Since it will be a mix of brown and white tiles and they only had one of the two colours in the shop, we're still waiting for the rest of them to come... And for the work to be done. Then it's just the last part left, the floors.

In the shop we also found the floor that we want in the apartment. Since the doors are in wood, in a colour they call "nut", we decided to take the same colour on our laminate floors. It will be a very light yellow colour on the walls in the livingroom and the kitchen that will make a beautiful contrast with the "nutcolour". I'm really excited and happy. I'm looking forward to the shopping that has to be done!

This is the kitchen


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