Secret code

Today I've been to Padova with my "italian mum", Alessandra. We went by scooter and she was driving in 130 km/h on the highway so it took us about 15 min. We came to the inscriptional office were I was supposed to create an account and sign in to apply. I applied for the nursing program and everything was ok until we were supposed to pay. Alessandra forgot her code to her creditcard, so we're paying in a different way another day.

After that we went in to a motorcycleshop. Alessandra wanted a new jacket for this season when she's going by scooter and the weather isn't very nice. She found one that she liked and that suited her very good, but she didn't buy it. She still couldn't remember her code... So we went home.

We arrived at lunchtime and I was starving! We had a wonderful piece of meat with salad, fruit and coffee.

Now I don't have anything to do. I was thinking about looking through the IKEA-catalogue to get some inspiration for me and my boyfriends little appartment. Otherwise I could read my book "the girl with the dragon tattoo" of Stieg Larsson. Otherwise I'll just sit on facebook as everyone else does.

UFF, now I miss my Sandra!


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