About moving

When I first thought about staying in Italy I thought about all the difficulties and the negative things about Italy. I was thinking about everything that I had back home in Sweden (family, friends, a home etc.), about money and what I wanted to do here. It was a hard choice, but at the same time I found it very simple.

I already knew what I wanted to do, I want to study to become a nurse. I want to live with my boyfriend here in Italy and create a new beginning of my life, but it's not that simple to say "I want this and I want that" and then just leave. That's when the difficult part appears.

One thing that I found very difficult was to leave everything that I had, my old life, my friends and my family. I also found it hard for the studies. I've spent alot of hours to get information about what to do and how to get in to the school. I've been worried about how to get money for the school and how I will live, where and with who.

Anyway, until now everything has worked out very well.

  1. I got all the information for the school and I will apply as soon as I get all my documents. 
  2. My family will help me to pay for the school, the books and for food. 
  3. I will live with my boyfriend in an apartment wich is a part of his parents house.
  4. My friends and my family in Sweden will come and visit me and I will go and visit them.

The solution is better than expected. I still have some papers to sign (about permission and residence), there are still some things to do at my boyfriends house (the bathroom and the kitchen) and i still have to apply for the school. But until now everything feels very good and I´m very lucky. I definately made a good choice!


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