The food in Italy is amazingly good. It's fresh, has few calories and a very good taste. It's fresh because of the vegetables and the fruit, perfectly matured of the sun from a village close by. It has few calories (if you don't count cheese, bread and pasta) because of few sauces and only good fat like olive oil. It's good and healthy!

I heard, not too long ago, that swedish people are informed about health and that the swedish food is healthy. We do eat alot of vegetables and we do have a model of how to divide proteins, carbohydrades, fat and vegetables on the plate. We know what's right and what's wrong. That's why we eat food from all over the world, like swedish, chinese, italian and so on, that results in a complete diet with a bit of everything.

I thought it was normal in countries to have all kinds of food, but I realized that I was wrong when I came to Italy. Italians are very proud of their food and are a bit fastidious. They're used to their pizza and pasta, their sugarbomb-breakfasts, their coffee, their icecream... and they should be. One thing that's hard for me to understand is that they have alot of sugar and sweet things like cakes and cookies in a country where they eat such healthy food. It's like saying yes and no at the same time.

Now I do say yes. I say yes to a lovely, italian ice cream. Ciao!


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