How useful is it to be able to learn to speak and to understand many languages?

- Believe me, it's fun and very useful! Like many times here in Italy when Sandra and I talk in a mix of swedish and norweigan and no one understands. Or when I pretend to be a foreigner (which I am, but people don't know that I understand italian), I listen to what people are talking about (mostly bad things or thoughts about others) and I answer in italian. Like when I was on holiday back home in Sweden. I was waiting for my turn in a queue and heard some italians talk about me, that I had entered after them and that it was their turn and not mine. I answered them in italian and said it was ok and the woman got blushed and she was so ashamed. I had so much fun about it and I just felt so powerful!

Anyway, this is how my language-life started:

My first words were in finnish since my parents are from Finland. I´ve never use it much, and I still don´t but I do understand it. Then, when I started kindergarden, I learned swedish since I was living in Sweden. Now, as I said, I do speak swedish to Sandra, I read and answer/comment things on facebook in swedish and I talk on skype/phone with my mum in swedish. It's more than enough.

In 3rd grade I started to study english. I like it because of the simple grammar and small vocabulary and because it's an important language. In Sweden we have alot of tv series/programs in english with swedish subtitles that helps alot to understand and to learn. I have been studying english for 10 years and I just want to continue.

In 6th grade I started studying spanish and studied for 6 years. 6 years for nothing. Now I don't remember much since I haven't used it for 3 years, but it has helped me alot with my italian, which is similar. I started to study last year in October and stopped right before Christmas. This year instead I've improved my italian in different ways. I've been reading stories for the children, watching tv and listening to music, having conversations with friends and I've learned alot, but I still have alot to learn... And I´ll definitly try!

Languages are power.


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