Yesterday something fun happend. It wasn't just a normal sunday with spritz. It was a sundayevening with BOB SINCLAIR. Good music and good company, we couldn't ask for more, right? But oh yes... We could.

The weather was lovely when we went from home. We took an icecream in the sun and prepared us for Bob by listening to good music that made us come in a dancing and singing mood. We arrived to Sottomarina, to the beach and continued to sing along to the songs in the bars, got us equal white hats and after 8.30 pm we started to walk against Bob.

We came in to the concert area at around 9 pm and had to wait for Bob to arrive. He arrived at about 9.30 and he started the concert with some good old stuff, the volume was just amazingly loud. I could feel the music pumping like it came from the inside of my heart. I loved it! We stood there and danced for a few minutes, took some pictures and then it suddenly started to rain.

And it rained, and it rained and it rained. It never stopped... So everyone of us took protection under a roof, everyone except from Sandra. She stood their it the second row, in the pouring rain and danced by herself while we stood their under the roof, getting frozen from the cold wind that swept all over Sottomarina.

The cold wind continued to sweep in over us. Just before 11 pm Bob and the others turned everything off, the securityguards told us to go so everyone went. It was a very bad ending.

Anyway, I loved the beginning and if it wasn't for the rain I think the concert could have been amazing. I've never been to a concert at a beach before and I've never seen Bob Sinclair live before. I felt fun and heat eventhough it was raining. I think that...

Bob and the music was the sunshine in the rain.


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