Is the end where I begin?

I have to tell you how it all started...

I was working at a hamburgerrestaurant in Eskilstuna, Sweden, before I decided to move on and to do something else for a while. I didn't want to study and I didn't want to continue to work in the restaurant. I wanted a change, I wanted to move... so I did.

It was 18 september 2009. My grandmother took me to the airport that morning. I remember that I was happy, I was looking forward to the 6-9 months that I was supposed to have here in Italy, working as a babysitter. I was looking forward to celebrate my 20th birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve. I was looking forward to learn more about the culture and the food, to meet new friends and to learn the italian language. I was looking forward to so much, and it has been more than amazing. 10 months has passed and alot of things has happend...

I met Sandra, one of my best friends, the second day. We met a group of people and I found myself a boyfriend... Fabio. We've been doing everything together. Been here, been there and done this and done that. And it means alot to me. All the while, since september, I've been happy. I've been lucky. It's just amazing that I've found just the right place for me, right here.

I came back to Italy last sunday from my last week in Sweden. So from now on I will be the swedish girl in Italy.


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