The family is the most important thing in Italy. In Italy, the families are big. A normal family does not only contain of a mum, a dad and children. It also contains of a grandmum, a granddad and sometimes also an uncle/aunt and cousins. The familiymembers try to stay together as long as possible to take care of eachother. When the children grow up and find a partner, the family grows and hopefully continues to grow. That's when the children move out from home.

Normally the children stay at home until they are about 25-30 years old. Because of this, the familymembers stay very close to eachother and the parents take good care of their children for a long time. They help and support their children economically by paying for school and schelter.

Also in Sweden the family is important, but having the children at home until they are about 25-30 years old is not very common. That the parents stay together for the rest of their lives is not common either. There are alot of divorses and more siblings that aren't real siblings (like halfbrothers and sisters) than in Italy. The normal swedish family is small and contains of a mum, a dad and children. When the children are about 18-20 years old they move from home to an appartment to continue their life on their own. Some youngsters move from home for studies, because the university is far from home. Others move because they want to feel free and they want to be independent.

Of course there are exeptions, there are divorsed families in Italy and families that stays together for the rest of their lives in Sweden. There are youngsters in Italy that moves out when they are 18-20 and youngsters in Sweden that stays at home until they are 25. Everything exists everywhere.

There are different ways to see on both examples.
Is it better to stay together or is it better to get divorsed if the relationship between the parents isn't good?
Is it better for the children to stay with the parents or is it better for them to move out?
Is it better to have the support of the parents or is it better to learn to be independent?

Please let me know your opinion!


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