An italian wedding

I got up at 7 to put my make up on and get dressed. At 8.15 I had to be at the hairdresser and at 9.45 Fabio picked me up. We went to his house that was full of white rosettes and people. They had rinfresco (things to eat and drink) and I got presented to all the relatives and friends.

We went all together to the church. While we were waiting outside the church, a man (a friend of the family) dressed as the bride came out of a car. It was just so fun! He always makes those kind of jokes at weddings. Anyway, the bride arrived and we went in to the church. I sat down on the first raw with the family members. It was emotional and the ceremony was beatiful.

Afterwards we were waiting for the couple outside, ready with rice and photo cameras. A photographer took a lot of photos and then it was time for the restaurant. But before that the couple had to empty the car that was full of balloons. Fun!

Finally we arrived at the restaurant. The sun was shining and the place was fantastic. It felt like being in a fairytale. You must have a look at

The fabulous restaurant

We started with the aperitif in the park and continued with the appetizers. Then we had 2 first courses, 2 main courses and 4 desserts plus coffee. There was just so much to eat. But it was more to come!

I went home with Fabio, Romero and Alessandro a bit earlier then the others. Fabio had to prepare the music and Alessandro had to cut up the pork. There was beer, wine and spirit and the evening continued with dance. At around midnight they had fireworks and at 4 o'clock I fell asleep. Thank you for a lovely wedding!

PS. -30 days and I'll be back home DS.


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