I´m cleaning out my closet

I love fashion!
Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Everything! And now it's also time to find an autumn jacket.

Yesterday I emptied my wardrobe, from top to toe. I started to pack the summerclothes in my so called handluggage since it's not too long until I'll leave for Thailand. I found clothes that I love and that I have loved, maybe a bit too much, but I thought this trip could be the perfect and last chance for them the be worn.

I continued with clothes that I don't wear too often like some special party tops, some skirts and the rest of the summerclothes. Half of the huge suitcase was filled.

The other half had to be filled with autumnclothes, shoes and jackets and I filled the suitcase very well... But I still had all my shoes and 2 jackets left. I had all my books and underwear left. I started to realize that I actually have quite alot. Alot of things. I still need some more fashion. I know that I have a lovely short jacket back home so I'll deal with it when I'm in Sweden... Just 28 days to go now!

Postat av: Linette

ska du till thailand? vad roligt :) hur länge? med fabio? :) och sverige, hm 28 dagar, jag är i etuna helgen innan, typiskt.

2010-10-14 @ 09:17:46

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