Monday morning,
after a bad-started weekend with a good ending.

Friday evening: I watched "Io canto" and sang along to Max Pezzali and Alessandra Amoroso. I talked to Jennie about old memories and Fabio was painting the walls in our apartment.

Saturday: I was talking to my mum, I didn't feel very good... I was staying in bed until lunch. After lunch Fabio asked me to come with him to buy the sink for the bathroom. We wen't to Mercatone Uno, we went to IKEA, we went to Eurobrico and Leroy Merlin, but we didn't find what we wanted. We found a pair of lamps, that's it. After some discussions, problems in the toll of the highway and a head that felt like exploding I just wanted to go home... so we did.

I went to buy some salad and suddenly I had 4 messages on my phone. Fabio tried to call, but some problems with his phone or Vodafone made it impossible. I tried to call back, impossible. I went back home, but Fabio wasn't there. He had gone to Leroy Merlin to buy a sink that we both said no to in the shop. It made me confused.

I had a bath and prepared myself for the evening. I went to Helga, we went to Sala to meet Fabio and Annamaria and then we went to Vigonza. We had some drinks, we were talking... with strange guys, in danish... and returned home quite late. With Saverio, Fabios best friend who's living in France, on the phone we had a crazy moment... As always when Saverio's around. After that, straight to bed!

Sunday: I slept 'til 12.30, had lunch and watched some of the MotoGP with Fabio. Afterwards he asked me to help him with getting away the colour from the floor, so I did. Later, when I had finished my work, I went in to the bathroom and actually found it ready. I went in to the bedroom and saw that the hole in the wall had become a window and the floor was changed. I went in to the small space under the stairs and found it painted all in white. I could see the difference and it just made me so happy! The things that are missing are the kitchen, to get it up on it's place, the floors in the livingroom and the floors in the space under the stairs. Soon soon soon... FINALLY!


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