Admission test

Tomorrow I have the test... The test to see if I get in at University or not. I'm nervous.

I know that the test has 80 questions and that I have 2 hours to make it.

I know that 40 questions are about logic and general knowledge.
I know that 18 questions are about biology.
I know that 11 questions are about chemistry.
And the last 11 questions are about fysics and mathematics.

I know that everything is in italian. And I know that alot of people are doing the test. But it never hurts to try, does it? In worst case I'm prepared for next year. Anyway... I'll try my hardest. I really want to get in!

So, wish me good luck!

Postat av: Linette

lycka till! =)

2010-09-07 @ 20:19:53
Postat av: Sara

Massa lycka till!! :)

2010-09-08 @ 16:54:07

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