Do you know how it feels when you really want something but you can't have it?
When you really suffer missing just THAT and could do anything to get it?

I had that feeling yesterday evening. I was babysitting, the children were sleeping and I sat by the computer on Facebook. I was talking to a swedish friend when he suddenly said "I might be a bit off, there's this program on the tv that I want to see". It was "Idol", one of my old favourits that starts with a new season every autumn. It made me a bit sad and disappointed because I wanted to see it, but couldn't. Uff...

Anyway, today I've been solving my problem. I've looked up the tv schedule so I know what programs I can watch and when. I actually got a bit surprised...

I can see
"My name is Earl" every day at 14.20-14.50
"Ugly Betty" every day at 17.35-18.25
"Who want's to be a Millionair" every day at 18.50-20.00

Just like in Sweden! :)

And I can see a new movie every evening
Tonight "The incredible HULK"
Tomorrow "I Robot"
On saturday "Shrek 3"

So even if I miss "Idol" and other tv-shows in Sweden I'll be just fine with my italian-tv!

Postat av: Hanna

Titta på tv4 play!?

2010-09-30 @ 13:13:13

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