The small ones are growing up

Tuesday, the second day of school for "my" children.

You should have seen them yesterday and the night before. Both of them found it very hard to sleep in the night since they knew that the day after was their first day of school. In the morning they woke up at 6, they changed their clothes, brushed their teeth... and they were ready to go! 

The youngest one, the girl, has now started 1st class and she's just waiting for the next morning to come. She's very happy to go to school, to meet her new teacher and friends and she seems to want to learn things, to be big (as her brother). We'll see how long that lasts...

The older one, the boy, has started 4th class. He was happy the first day, but in the afternoon he was already tired of doing his homework. I just hope it won't be to hard for him to do it.

These days I'm just waiting for my results from school. I also want to start school. I also want to meet new friends and learn new things. I just hope my results are enough to get in. I'll just wait and see.


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