Last week

When I'm busy, I don't have time to write. When it's bad weather, I don't want to use the comupter (which isn't even mine). When I'm studying, I'm not on Facebook, MSN or here. To make it clear... I haven't had time.

Last friday we had a "piano-day" at home, just like every friday. Both of the children that I'm loking after are playing the piano. Their pianoteacher comes to our house, with her children, to have "lessons" with the mum.  That means that instead of having two children to look after, I have four. Well, to be honest it's easier because they play all together. They paint, they run around (and scream) and swim in the pool. It all ends with water everywhere!

Like on saturday... It was raining (it was like a swimmingpool), it was horribly windy and cold. Trees fell over the streets, roofs blew away and at my boyfriends house the antenna broke. My boyfriend and I escaped from home... We found streets that were closed, others full of water. It was a disaster!

A disaster, but a diffent kind is what my boyfriends house looks like. We have a whole in the wall (that will be a window) in our future bedroom, we have a half done bathroom and we have a kitchen but it's not on it's place yet. Alot of work has been done in a very short time and I'm impressed, I'm surprised, I'm happy!

To the next thing... The wedding in October. My boyfriend has bought everything... Trousers, a shirt, shoes, a belt and a blazer/jacket. I haven't bought anything. Anyway, on saturday it's my turn to try dresses, shoes and bags. It's my turn to spend money and to have some girltime, without boys. It just can't be better... Can it?



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