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I just read a swedish girls blogpost about the parliamentary elections in Sweden. This girl wrote her opinion about Sverige Demokraterna (Sweden Democrats or SD) that are participating in the parliamentary for the next 4 years.

"SD is a Swedish political party that describes itself as a nationalist movement. They are in favor of the traditional nuclear family and wishes to a strongly restrict immigration." Wikipedia

This young girl wrote that she´s ashamed to call herself swedish. That´s one of the most horrible things I´ve ever heard. She should be proud of living in such a beautiful and well functioning country and she should be proud of being swedish!

I actually do agree with SD in some parts, but it does´t mean that I´m a rasist. I think that Sweden has too much immigration and I think that Sweden is getting too much influences from the immigrants. The swedish people have to accept and to change, the immigrants don´t. And if the swedish people don´t accept or don´t change, they´re called rasist. I don´t think it´s right! I mean, the swedish people accept the immigrants by letting them live in Sweden. Then the swedish people get called rasists because they have swedish commercial on the tv or because they let their children sing the national anthem at school. I think it´s wrong! It´s Awful!

If people want to immigrate to Sweden I think they should be allowed, but then they have to adapt themselves to the swedish traditions and the swedish culture. Swedish people should not have to adapt themselves to the immigrators, they´re living in Sweden and they should be able to be swedish.

I actually know how it is to move to another country and what it means to adapt yourself to the culture, the religion and the traditions. Some things are different and I have to accept it. That´s just how it is! Simple!

Postat av: Sara

Amen to that! Håller helt och hållet med dig!

2010-09-20 @ 14:31:33
Postat av: Jennie

Håller med dig Carro!!

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