All around the world

I am a curious person, that's why I just loooooove travelling!

I love to get away for a while
to discover things I didn't know
to meet people I've never met
and to see places I've never seen...

That's why I chose to become an aupair in Italy!

But now times are changing and I'll actually remain in Italy. I'll do my travels to Sweden instead, to go back "home" and visit everyone. Not to discover things I didn't know, not to meet people I've never met before, not to see places I've never seen. Now it's on the contrary, I'm actually going home to remind me of the things that I do know, to meet the ones that I've always met before and to see my old home that I've always seen... But I like that feeling. It makes me happy.

Yesterday I actually booked my next plane home. I'll leave from Milano Bergamo to Stockholm Skavsta the 10 November at 20.20 and I'll arrive at 22.50. So people, I want you to be prepared this time! It's only 1,5 month left ;)

Postat av: Jennie

Och jag kunde inte vara gladare över att du kommer hem :)<3

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