How useful is it to be able to learn to speak and to understand many languages?

- Believe me, it's fun and very useful! Like many times here in Italy when Sandra and I talk in a mix of swedish and norweigan and no one understands. Or when I pretend to be a foreigner (which I am, but people don't know that I understand italian), I listen to what people are talking about (mostly bad things or thoughts about others) and I answer in italian. Like when I was on holiday back home in Sweden. I was waiting for my turn in a queue and heard some italians talk about me, that I had entered after them and that it was their turn and not mine. I answered them in italian and said it was ok and the woman got blushed and she was so ashamed. I had so much fun about it and I just felt so powerful!

Anyway, this is how my language-life started:

My first words were in finnish since my parents are from Finland. I´ve never use it much, and I still don´t but I do understand it. Then, when I started kindergarden, I learned swedish since I was living in Sweden. Now, as I said, I do speak swedish to Sandra, I read and answer/comment things on facebook in swedish and I talk on skype/phone with my mum in swedish. It's more than enough.

In 3rd grade I started to study english. I like it because of the simple grammar and small vocabulary and because it's an important language. In Sweden we have alot of tv series/programs in english with swedish subtitles that helps alot to understand and to learn. I have been studying english for 10 years and I just want to continue.

In 6th grade I started studying spanish and studied for 6 years. 6 years for nothing. Now I don't remember much since I haven't used it for 3 years, but it has helped me alot with my italian, which is similar. I started to study last year in October and stopped right before Christmas. This year instead I've improved my italian in different ways. I've been reading stories for the children, watching tv and listening to music, having conversations with friends and I've learned alot, but I still have alot to learn... And I´ll definitly try!

Languages are power.


The food in Italy is amazingly good. It's fresh, has few calories and a very good taste. It's fresh because of the vegetables and the fruit, perfectly matured of the sun from a village close by. It has few calories (if you don't count cheese, bread and pasta) because of few sauces and only good fat like olive oil. It's good and healthy!

I heard, not too long ago, that swedish people are informed about health and that the swedish food is healthy. We do eat alot of vegetables and we do have a model of how to divide proteins, carbohydrades, fat and vegetables on the plate. We know what's right and what's wrong. That's why we eat food from all over the world, like swedish, chinese, italian and so on, that results in a complete diet with a bit of everything.

I thought it was normal in countries to have all kinds of food, but I realized that I was wrong when I came to Italy. Italians are very proud of their food and are a bit fastidious. They're used to their pizza and pasta, their sugarbomb-breakfasts, their coffee, their icecream... and they should be. One thing that's hard for me to understand is that they have alot of sugar and sweet things like cakes and cookies in a country where they eat such healthy food. It's like saying yes and no at the same time.

Now I do say yes. I say yes to a lovely, italian ice cream. Ciao!


Yesterday something fun happend. It wasn't just a normal sunday with spritz. It was a sundayevening with BOB SINCLAIR. Good music and good company, we couldn't ask for more, right? But oh yes... We could.

The weather was lovely when we went from home. We took an icecream in the sun and prepared us for Bob by listening to good music that made us come in a dancing and singing mood. We arrived to Sottomarina, to the beach and continued to sing along to the songs in the bars, got us equal white hats and after 8.30 pm we started to walk against Bob.

We came in to the concert area at around 9 pm and had to wait for Bob to arrive. He arrived at about 9.30 and he started the concert with some good old stuff, the volume was just amazingly loud. I could feel the music pumping like it came from the inside of my heart. I loved it! We stood there and danced for a few minutes, took some pictures and then it suddenly started to rain.

And it rained, and it rained and it rained. It never stopped... So everyone of us took protection under a roof, everyone except from Sandra. She stood their it the second row, in the pouring rain and danced by herself while we stood their under the roof, getting frozen from the cold wind that swept all over Sottomarina.

The cold wind continued to sweep in over us. Just before 11 pm Bob and the others turned everything off, the securityguards told us to go so everyone went. It was a very bad ending.

Anyway, I loved the beginning and if it wasn't for the rain I think the concert could have been amazing. I've never been to a concert at a beach before and I've never seen Bob Sinclair live before. I felt fun and heat eventhough it was raining. I think that...

Bob and the music was the sunshine in the rain.


The family is the most important thing in Italy. In Italy, the families are big. A normal family does not only contain of a mum, a dad and children. It also contains of a grandmum, a granddad and sometimes also an uncle/aunt and cousins. The familiymembers try to stay together as long as possible to take care of eachother. When the children grow up and find a partner, the family grows and hopefully continues to grow. That's when the children move out from home.

Normally the children stay at home until they are about 25-30 years old. Because of this, the familymembers stay very close to eachother and the parents take good care of their children for a long time. They help and support their children economically by paying for school and schelter.

Also in Sweden the family is important, but having the children at home until they are about 25-30 years old is not very common. That the parents stay together for the rest of their lives is not common either. There are alot of divorses and more siblings that aren't real siblings (like halfbrothers and sisters) than in Italy. The normal swedish family is small and contains of a mum, a dad and children. When the children are about 18-20 years old they move from home to an appartment to continue their life on their own. Some youngsters move from home for studies, because the university is far from home. Others move because they want to feel free and they want to be independent.

Of course there are exeptions, there are divorsed families in Italy and families that stays together for the rest of their lives in Sweden. There are youngsters in Italy that moves out when they are 18-20 and youngsters in Sweden that stays at home until they are 25. Everything exists everywhere.

There are different ways to see on both examples.
Is it better to stay together or is it better to get divorsed if the relationship between the parents isn't good?
Is it better for the children to stay with the parents or is it better for them to move out?
Is it better to have the support of the parents or is it better to learn to be independent?

Please let me know your opinion!

About moving

When I first thought about staying in Italy I thought about all the difficulties and the negative things about Italy. I was thinking about everything that I had back home in Sweden (family, friends, a home etc.), about money and what I wanted to do here. It was a hard choice, but at the same time I found it very simple.

I already knew what I wanted to do, I want to study to become a nurse. I want to live with my boyfriend here in Italy and create a new beginning of my life, but it's not that simple to say "I want this and I want that" and then just leave. That's when the difficult part appears.

One thing that I found very difficult was to leave everything that I had, my old life, my friends and my family. I also found it hard for the studies. I've spent alot of hours to get information about what to do and how to get in to the school. I've been worried about how to get money for the school and how I will live, where and with who.

Anyway, until now everything has worked out very well.

  1. I got all the information for the school and I will apply as soon as I get all my documents. 
  2. My family will help me to pay for the school, the books and for food. 
  3. I will live with my boyfriend in an apartment wich is a part of his parents house.
  4. My friends and my family in Sweden will come and visit me and I will go and visit them.

The solution is better than expected. I still have some papers to sign (about permission and residence), there are still some things to do at my boyfriends house (the bathroom and the kitchen) and i still have to apply for the school. But until now everything feels very good and I´m very lucky. I definately made a good choice!

Is the end where I begin?

I have to tell you how it all started...

I was working at a hamburgerrestaurant in Eskilstuna, Sweden, before I decided to move on and to do something else for a while. I didn't want to study and I didn't want to continue to work in the restaurant. I wanted a change, I wanted to move... so I did.

It was 18 september 2009. My grandmother took me to the airport that morning. I remember that I was happy, I was looking forward to the 6-9 months that I was supposed to have here in Italy, working as a babysitter. I was looking forward to celebrate my 20th birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve. I was looking forward to learn more about the culture and the food, to meet new friends and to learn the italian language. I was looking forward to so much, and it has been more than amazing. 10 months has passed and alot of things has happend...

I met Sandra, one of my best friends, the second day. We met a group of people and I found myself a boyfriend... Fabio. We've been doing everything together. Been here, been there and done this and done that. And it means alot to me. All the while, since september, I've been happy. I've been lucky. It's just amazing that I've found just the right place for me, right here.

I came back to Italy last sunday from my last week in Sweden. So from now on I will be the swedish girl in Italy.