You know girls... They love shopping. They love bags. They love shoes. Well, not ALL pair of shoes.

I had a horrible experience yesterday evening. I went to Mirano with my boyfriend to have an ice cream. We took a walk and had a look around, saw some things in the storefronts that we liked and other things that we didn't like. At all! My boyfriend called on me, he wanted to show me something... And there they were. The most horrible shoes I've ever seen in my intire life.

What do you think?

I hope I'll have more luck tomorrow. I'll have a look at some dresses, shoes and other things for my boyfriends brothers marriage in October. Wish me good luck! ;)

Back to school

It's time, I have to start.

I know that school starts in Sweden in these days. I actually got in at the University in Sweden and was supposed to become a nurse, but I didn't respond so I didn't keep my place. I changed my plan and decided to stay here, in my lovely Italy. It's strange to think that the last week would have been my last week here, that my aupair-experience and my italian life would have been over. Insted it isn't over, noting is over, it has just begun.

The 8th September I'll have my admission test. I'm not prepared, I'm not positive.
I need to study and I need some cheering up...

...and this picture is just so, full of... memories and... blood. But to be honest,
I miss school. ALOT.

Tiles and floors

I have totally forgot to tell you about the other day.

I went to an interiorshop with my boyfriend and his dad to look at some tiles for the bathroom. We entered and had a look around, we talked about our plans and wills and the man in the shop showed us what he had to offer. We had a plan about making the bathroom in white and lightblue and found two different kinds of bathrooms that we liked. We had to choose one and so we did. The tiles are already at my boyfriends house so now I leave it up for the men to finish.

Also the tiles for the kichen are chosen but only half of them have arrived. Since it will be a mix of brown and white tiles and they only had one of the two colours in the shop, we're still waiting for the rest of them to come... And for the work to be done. Then it's just the last part left, the floors.

In the shop we also found the floor that we want in the apartment. Since the doors are in wood, in a colour they call "nut", we decided to take the same colour on our laminate floors. It will be a very light yellow colour on the walls in the livingroom and the kitchen that will make a beautiful contrast with the "nutcolour". I'm really excited and happy. I'm looking forward to the shopping that has to be done!

This is the kitchen


I'm back at work from a week in the south of Italy, in Sorrento. It was a wonderful and relaxing week. We took us around by scooter, to the beach, to the center... everywhere. We saw Capri, Napoli and we had a lovely house up high in the mountains. We ate alot of pizza, fish and buffalo mozzarella.
Now I'll show you some photos.

for more photos, have a look at


Yesterday we went on a trip to the mountains, to Asiago.

We went up very high and the first view from the top was lovely. I saw all the houses, small like babydollhouses, the mountains were green as the first leaves in the spring and the air was fresh, just like in Sweden. 

We continued and went down again on the other side. It was like arriving to an other country, it was just so different from the parts of Italy that I had seen. The houses had wooden details, the streets seemed old and the shops in the center had alot of handmade towels, paintings and woodenthings. It was nice to have a walk there, it reminded me of Finland, were my parents are born.

Yesterday was a day filled with emoitions.

  • We found the doll in the toyshop that Alice had lost a few months ago. She was so happy.
  • Matteo overcame his fear of the Tarzanstation, that he had been scared of for 2 years, at the climbingpark "Mille Pini". He was so proud.
  • And I, I got reminded of my passed. And I liked it!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...

Monday again and I'm back at work.

The children are acting very nice today. They're doing their homework without problems. They're not arguing with each other, they're not screaming or fighting. I'm very happy to be back and to see them again!

I've been without my lovely children for a week. Now we have a week together and then I'll be away for a week. It's just so much coming and going, so many hellos and goodbyes. Anyway, I'm going to Neaples and it's going to be so much fun! We are 3 couples living in a house together, we'll rent scooters to get around and we'll shop alot. We're leaving on friday night... so it's just 5 days left. I'm so excited! I have to get my luggage ready...

Secret code

Today I've been to Padova with my "italian mum", Alessandra. We went by scooter and she was driving in 130 km/h on the highway so it took us about 15 min. We came to the inscriptional office were I was supposed to create an account and sign in to apply. I applied for the nursing program and everything was ok until we were supposed to pay. Alessandra forgot her code to her creditcard, so we're paying in a different way another day.

After that we went in to a motorcycleshop. Alessandra wanted a new jacket for this season when she's going by scooter and the weather isn't very nice. She found one that she liked and that suited her very good, but she didn't buy it. She still couldn't remember her code... So we went home.

We arrived at lunchtime and I was starving! We had a wonderful piece of meat with salad, fruit and coffee.

Now I don't have anything to do. I was thinking about looking through the IKEA-catalogue to get some inspiration for me and my boyfriends little appartment. Otherwise I could read my book "the girl with the dragon tattoo" of Stieg Larsson. Otherwise I'll just sit on facebook as everyone else does.

UFF, now I miss my Sandra!


Yesterday we had a small surpriseparty for Andrea, a friend of ours, he had his 22nd birthday.

We were hiding in the tent that stood outside the restaurant when we knew that he was coming. We started the sparklers and started to sing and he just turned around and saw us. He was not prepared for it, which was good, otherwise it wouldn't have been a surpriseparty.

We had music, discolights, balloons, sparklers, confetti, snacks... and ended up with millefoglie (cake) & prosecco (sparkling wine). It was fun but at the same time I started to realize that it was my last night with Sandra, I felt a bit empty inside.

Tonight, my boyfriend and I will take Sandra to the airport and I know that the feelings will get worse. Uff, I don't want her to leave! It was destiny that brought us together. We found our soulmates in each other. I can't realize that I've found someone like her, who's so much like me. And now she's leaving.

But you know it Sandra, you will always have a special place in my heart!


This week is different from the other weeks at work. It's quiet. It's empty. It's in order.
The children are not at home.

They went to their grandparents on sunday to stay for a week. Now 2 days have passed and I will continue with this weeks job... To clean the windows. It's actually quite a relaxing job! I have my phone full of music, the volume higher than HIGH and I dance. It must look funny when I stand there, singing and dancing while I'm cleaning the windows. But I like it. That's just how I am.

So... back to work!


As I've mentioned before, some work is getting done in my boyfriends house by my boyfriend and his dad. They're making  two new bathrooms and they're putting in a kitchen for us, for me and my boyfriend. Now they're distroying everything, walls, floors and pipes so everything will be new... And my boyfriend and I will choose how it will look.

The kitchen is already bought. It's lightly yellow, a very light, creamy kind of colour with brown details. I like it alot! The bathroom on the other hand is far away from finished. I think that we will have a look in some shops this or next week just to see what we have to choose from and to get some new ideas.

Because we already have some ideas about the bathroom. And so has my boyfriends mum. My boyfriend and I were talking about a classic stile and thought about a bathroom in beige/brown/white, but his mum said it was horrible, that it looks like babypoo on the walls. She considered red or orange and said that a coloured bathroom could be nice since we're young. My boyfriend insisted, he hates red in the house and said NO with big letters. His mum proposed purple or grey, a light purple or grey with white details. It was nice in grey but I'm not sure if I want a grey bathroom. It sounds so... grey. And dark. And I don't like that. 

We also had another idea about a light base with blue details. I think I hold on to that suggestion.

If you would've changed your bathroom, what colour had you chosen?